ForManWay to dynamicznie rozwijająca się firma rekrutacyjna, która działa w obszarze rekrutacji stałych oraz pozyskiwania talentów. Poszukujemy kandydatów zarówno w Polsce jak i na rynku europejskim, Rosji oraz Afryki Południowej.  

With our training, work counseling and coaching, we try to get ahead of any organization that wants to improve its employees. We also provide services to individuals who want to strengthen their skills, find a way to work or strengthen their work both in the professional and the private sector. We offer professional coach support (ICF) in the areas of professional development and coaching.

As part of our training services, we provide tailor-made, custom-tailored training projects.

Suggested HR training:

  • "Effective Recruitment"
  • "Competence interview"
  • "Motivating employees"
  • "Coaching Conversations for Managers"

Proposed competence training:

  • "Communication in a team"
  • "Effective sales"
  • "Management competency workshop"
  • "Teamwork"

As part of our career planning counseling services, we suggest:

  • Providing information on the labor market and development opportunities
  • Career path development plan
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses and strengthening them
  • Establish a plan and strategy for action
  • Accompanying the Client at all stages of the recruitment process. Preparation of application documents, providing support during the search, preparation for the interview
  • Conducting a motivation program and preparation for change

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