ForManWay to dynamicznie rozwijająca się firma rekrutacyjna, która działa w obszarze rekrutacji stałych oraz pozyskiwania talentów. Poszukujemy kandydatów zarówno w Polsce jak i na rynku europejskim, Rosji oraz Afryki Południowej.  

Thanks to Talent Acquisition service, you have the opportunity to work with the best headhunters on the market exclusively, and only when it is really needed. ForManWay does not charge for the number of recruited people, only for the time of work of the recruiter. The success of the service is based primarily on the skills and competencies of our experienced consultants, who are trained by highly qualified managers with several years of experience in both the internal and external HR departments and HR consulting agencies.

As part of the service we provide:

  • The work of consultants with different competences (specialization in selected branches, knowledge of foreign languages)
  • Active access to candidates
  • Access to databases of candidates (Polish and foreign)
  • The flexibility of the model and the ability to cooperate only for real-time needs
  • Know how to implement the Talent Acquisition model in international organizations
  • Deep understanding of recruiting projects: cooperation with managers, HR, HROS, external suppliers
  • Possibility of simultaneous execution of the EB strategy within the framework of ongoing projects
  • Coordination with HR service providers
  • Verification of candidates and organization of meetings

Talent Acquisition model improves the operation and functioning of the company and enables effective implementation of recruitment projects with the highest quality standards. Our recruiters are trained under the supervision of qualified managers with several years of experience in internal HR departments and human resources consulting agencies.

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