ForManWay to dynamicznie rozwijająca się firma rekrutacyjna, która działa w obszarze rekrutacji stałych oraz pozyskiwania talentów. Poszukujemy kandydatów zarówno w Polsce jak i na rynku europejskim, Rosji oraz Afryki Południowej.  

Selection and CV analysis is the best option for recruiting for middle and lower level positions. The main purpose of the service is to verify the candidates available on the market as soon as possible, and to carry out their initial selection. Each project is supported by publication of job advertisements on our partner portals and portals indicated by the Client.

As part of the service we provide:

  • Analyze and adjust the job offer
  • Publication of the announcement on our website and on partner portals
  • Mailing to candidates from the ForManWay database
  • Selection of applications
  • Verification of key requirements defined by the Client
  • Presentation of unlimited number of candidates
  • Selection and verification of each selected candidate
  • Reports from interviews
  • Statistics of the project

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