ForManWay to dynamicznie rozwijająca się firma rekrutacyjna, która działa w obszarze rekrutacji stałych oraz pozyskiwania talentów. Poszukujemy kandydatów zarówno w Polsce jak i na rynku europejskim, Rosji oraz Afryki Południowej.  

In Direct Search method we focus primarily on the search for candidates in competing companies, professional environment, and networking. The main task of the service is to perform a thorough analysis of the area in which the Client operates and the position profile. In order to reach with the offer directly to a precisely defined group of people potentially meeting the criteria defined by the Customer at the beginning of the recruitment process.

As part of the service we provide:

  • Analysis of the workplace
  • Active and direct search for candidates
  • Presentation of candidates within 10-21 days
  • Minimum 3 recommendations for verified individuals after a qualification interview
  • Constant contact with the Consultant
  • Weekly reporting of activities and situation on the market
  • Verification of references (on request)
  • Statistics of the project
  • 3-6 months warranty

Since 2013, we have implemented only 5 warranty projects. More than 50 clients have been using the Direct Search service.

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